Human Resource Services

In this increasingly competitive market for talented Human Capital, acquiring has become an onerous task for employers and they are increasingly looking for organizations who can become their extended arm for recruitments and who can also access potential staff from their own networks locally, nationally and internationally.

Whitelion Technology Human Capital Solutions are a part of a large national Information Technology Solutions Company. Our recruitment consultants work alongside some of India’s top IT professionals, thereby enabling them to truly understand the trends and needs within the IT industry.

We source, contract or recruit permanent candidates for our own IT Solutions Company every day. We apply these same rigorous recruitment and selection processes to your recruitment assignments. Whitelion Technologies People Solutions provides a range of additional services to our clients including psychometric profiling, behavioral interviewing and contractor performance management. These services can be customized.

The Wheel Model

  • Why Whitelion Technology uses this system?
  •   Sound management board .
  •   Huge consultants (at various levels).
  •   Delivery centers in India
  •   Dedicated Knowledge Management centre
  •   Clients served by Whitelion Technology and not an individual.
  •   Very quick knowledge share intra and inter ‘wheel’ about clients.
  •   If an individual transfers, the second in wheel automatically gets aligned with the client.
  •   At no point client loses contact with Whitelion Technology


  • Key Enablers
  •   Reduce operating costs .
  •   Exposure across industries
  •   Access to all the tools of the trade
  •   Focus on the core of the business
  •   Create a variable cost structure
  •   Improve quality
  •   Expedite speed to Recruit
  •   Foster innovation
  •   Access to “Best in Class” Expertise and Technology

  • Key Results(Operational Flexibility)
  •   Cost savings
  •   Variable to Fixed costs
  •   Better performance